It’s a pleasure to have you at our motion print technology website. Here you will be able to learn what motion print technology is. You will also be able to differentiate between moving images on paper stamps with motion prints, 3D holographic prints and other items which can have or use motion prints.

History of Print Technology

Printing started in the early 3500BC on clay and in this website, we will educate you on how the world evolved from using clay as a form of print document to how innovations brought about fantastic technology such as the use of 3D holographic prints.

You will also learn about motion cameras and how the first-ever moving images were created together with the people who created them when the first moving pictures were commercially introduced to the world. We will also show you when and how motion pictures evolved from black and white being a standard colour, using only two or three colours that required the use of multiple projectors to achieve these colours to the current coloured motion picture we love and enjoy becoming standard colours for motion pictures.

We will enjoy taking you through how motion pictures evolved in 1900 from showing silent films and reaching to a point where sound could be synchronised with the motion images to produce sound films which we keep using to date.

You will get the details on how lenticular effects are used to create attractive illusions on products to attract a vast audience. We will also educate you about how these lenticular effects are created.